Information Architecture Conference
Web team
Web design / Development / Administration
Wordpress, CSS, Figma

The IAC is attended every year by hundreds of professionals in information architecture, user experience design, and content strategy. Ahead of the conference in 2022, I was part of the team that designed, developed, and managed this iteration of the conference's website.

How I helped
Design system
I successfully pitched the use of Figma as a tool for design and collaboration for the conferences web and marketing teams. As part of this process, I reverse-engineered an existing design system that lived only in CSS and recreated the patterns and styles in Figma. By doing so, I was able to foster consistency between the brand and web teams, helping to ensure a cohesive and streamlined approach to design and collaboration.
Video On Demand

The ticket price grants entry to the conference as well as a year’s access to the catalogue of recorded talks. I designed and developed the platform that hosts the recorded talks, ensuring that attendees can easily access and view them at their convenience.

Visual tweaks and tidying up CSS
Old vs. New
Enhancements to accessibility
This was the slightest of all the slightest changes, but important nonetheless for a UX-centric conference.As we were experimenting with ways to incorporate this year’s theme into the website, I brought it to the team’s attention that our primary color doesn’t pass WCAG against a white background.Rather than removing the color from our buttons, headers, links, etc. I suggested making an adjustment to the color itself, which we did.