UX Designer
Web Design, Medtech

Loocid is a medical technology company that designs highly-specialized tools for medical and dental implant procedures, bone surgery, computer-assisted surgery solutions, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. The development of a new product, there first to be sold directly to clinicians, meant that the company needed to rethink its online presence to drive online sales. I was sub-contracted by The Wonder Mob to develop their new website’s information architecture and content strategy.

How I helped
Stakeholder interviews

At the start of the project I interviewed several stakeholders at Loocid in order to gain a better understanding of their business goals and vision. Two major themes emerged from these that would heavily influence my final design. First and most important was the definition of our user groups: private clinicians, potential wholesale customers, and existing wholesale customers. Special care was taken to convey to me that existing wholesale customers should be able to order products in the exact same way as they currently do with the site as it is. Second, Loocid is proud of the research that their doctors have contributed to the science community and they want their publications featured prominently.

Information Architecture Audit

I captured Loocid’s site in its current state with screen captures and a simple sitemap. All of the preexisting content would be included in the overhaul, so it was important to make sure every bit was accounted for.

Competitor Analysis

I conducted a competitor analysis of several other Medtech company websites in the B2C and B2B domains, some of which were referred to me directly from Loocid, and some which I presented myself. I determined that the three most common strategies for structuring information were to either emphasize way-finding for distinct user groups, emphasize a ‘Products’ page, and have it cater to the needs of both private clinicians and wholesalers, or emphasize product information and testimonials.

Organization and labeling

I made a number of changes to existing page titles and navigation labels to make their contents clear and to help them be better parents to their children. For example, changing Solutions (information about the products) to Technology and Science Facts (publications) to publications helps Loocid proudly display their innovations and present them for what they are.

Sitemap Development

I presented three possible strategies to the client, which included options for the website's navigation, landing page content hierarchy, label taxonomy, and content strategy for the new products - the winner became the first iteration of the new sitemap.